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/ who we are

We’re Lawrence & Pierce and we deliver branding, design and communications. We’re everything you’d expect from creative types - inventive, original and resourceful – plus a whole lot more besides.

We’ve been around for 21 years for one thing which means we’ve got plenty of experience to share with our clients. Plus we’re led by some pretty fine business brains, giving our creativity a razor-sharp edge. Simply looking good isn’t enough these days; you need ideas that work – brilliantly.

/ how we work

We thought you’d like the inside story – rather than a fairytale.

We work by understanding your business and what you want to achieve. Without a strong strategy to drive it, the most fantastic idea in the world won’t take you anywhere. Next we develop the creative resources you need to make it happen – using the kind of media that’s best for you. It’s not about what’s ‘in’, it’s about what works. We love being creative, but above all, we love results.

/ our 5-step process

Lawrence & Pierce : Five Step Process