Branding for Holdens from Lawrence & Pierce in Nottingham with a passion for Branding Design Communication now with Diversity Marketing

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the company :

Holdens is a leading, independent furniture retailer.

the brief :

With increasing competition from companies such as IKEA, they needed to reassesses their market position, and strengthen their image and reputation.

the results :

We identified in-depth market knowledge as the key to building an effective campaign strategy, and delivered a cost effective research programme. Our new strapline adds a softer and brighter element to their corporate identity and highlights the lifestyle experience that Holden offer, whilst appealing to a broader demographic range. The refocused proposition has been implemented through every aspect of Holdens, from an appealing window display to effective in-store graphics and signage.

Regional advertising, a redesigned website and new loyalty scheme materials have increased awareness of repositioned brand to current and potential customers.