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Naturally we were very honoured (and completely over-the-moon) when Nottingham City Council chose our ideas to help them bid for Nottingham to become World Design Capital 2012. After all, there’s something pretty special about following in the footsteps of Nottingham’s creative greats, from Raleigh and Speedo to Paul Smith and Shane Meadows.

Being chosen as a World Design Capital helps to put cities firmly on the creative map, whilst bringing in international visitors and inspiring the next generation of creative superstars. And creative superstars isn’t something we’re short of in this town…did you know that Nottingham invented the MRI scanner and Ibuprofen for example? It’s not all lace and Robin Hood you know!


a capital idea

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Let’s just say our identity for Nottingham’s bid got people talking – literally. As you can see, we highlighted letters from the word Nottingham to spell out the phrase “I am *”

On one level, the identity shouts “I am Nottingham”, reflecting how the city has influenced so many people and ideas. On another level, the “I am *” was used to voice the thoughts of Nottingham’s many supporters and creatives. This, together with the asterisk, makes the identity uniquely personal – inviting you to complete your own “I am *”

We brought the brand to life in classic Nottingham style too, by giving people the chance to relive their childhood memories and ride Raleigh Choppers around the Market Square complete with an asterisk BMX style ramp – as part of a launch day for the bid! Plus of course, we had very grown-up posters and flyers too…

a capital idea
a capital idea
a capital idea
a capital idea