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the company :

Swayfields is an established market leader in the provision of motorway services, under the name Extra.  There are currently 11 Extra service stations throughout the country, with several others under development.

the brief :

Swayfields needed a nationwide campaign that would build both immediate sales and long-term client loyalty. They wanted an eye-catching, memorable attraction that would encourage increased usage of their fuel forecourt.

the results :

The X-a-peel scratchcard promotion concept is fun, humourous and highly visual, and has been designed to entice specific users via activity and location-related messages. The fruity prizes, ranging from Apple ipod shuffles to Orange phones, were designed to appeal to Swayfield’s diverse customer base.

“Lawrence & Pierce have answered our brief exactly. They produced a number of exciting promotional proposals, and initial feedback shows that the key campaign objectives have been met. They’ve delivered a nationwide promotion that has built awareness and increased sales. Their design work and commercial sensibilities have been a welcome addition to the Extra team.”

Tim Spouge, Director, Swayfields