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The company

the company :

Trent Barton Buses is an independent UK bus operator serving Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

the brief :

They needed an internal and external marketing strategy for their network-wide ticketing promotion that would increase passenger journeys, increase the passenger base, speed up boarding times and reward customer loyalty.

the results :

The creation of the FRIO name delivers a clear way of reflecting the 13 for ten offer and gives an identity to the ticket. The advertising campaign, which utilizes TV, radio and outdoor continues the fun, carnival theme, communicating a feel-good factor around both personal ownership of the ticket and bus travel itself. We recognized that staff support and understanding of the campaign would be crucial to its success, so we also placed a large emphasis on staff training.

And the impact? Results showed that 87% of customers knew about the promotion, 30% of existing passengers used the service more frequently, and family usage rose by 15%.

“The project was taken further than I could have ever imagined with fantastic results. We chose L&P for their reputation and they have proven themselves to be invaluable to the growth of Trent Barton.”

Sarah Taylor, Marketing Manager, Trent Barton